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Lingerie options for boudoir photoshoot that are guaranteed to instantly captivate attention.

Navigating the world of lingerie as a beginner can feel daunting, but that's ok - you're not alone!

Whether you're preparing for a boudoir photoshoot or simply aiming for some playful moments, knowing the best lingerie options for your body type sets the stage for confidence and allure. You can do it! And we will be with you every step of the way to help!

The exciting revelation lies in discovering the myriad stunning and unique ways you can wear these fun and fabulous pieces.

Bra and Panty Set in a boudoir photoshoot

Bras and Panty Sets Let's start with a more traditional choice, but spice it up with a hint of flair. Explore bra and panty sets in pastel, muted, matte, or primary colors to enhance your inner glow. And if you're still not sure, you can't beat the timeless appeal of black. It is as classic as it gets - black is always a safe choice, it never fails to deliver.

If your midsection, is the area you are a bit self-conscious about, opt for mid-rise panties rather than low-rise ones for added comfort and confidence.

Woman wearing a corset and a feather boa at a boudoir photoshoot with Feel Beautiful Photography in Chicago

Corsets Corsets might be a lingerie staple, but it is essential to maintain a touch of elegance. With overbust corsets look for ones with a sweetheart neckline to highlight your curves. Avoid corsets with a straight bust area, as they can inadvertently diminish your natural shape – a look nobody desires! Underbust corsets and waist trainers are great at bringing the girls up without squashing them.

Woman wearing a body suit at a boudoir photoshoot with Feel Beautiful Photography in Chicago

Body Suits/Shapewear

If you're feeling a bit uneasy about your midsection, try a sexy bodysuit. This lingerie style accentuates your curves flawlessly and at the same time provides a flattering silhouette. Plus, as an added bonus, it leaves just enough room for the imagination.

Woman wearing a body suite and a chunky necklace at a boudoir photoshoot with Feel Beautiful Photography in Chicago

Lace and Layers

When selecting lingerie, don't be afraid to go with these creative and fun pieces. Lingerie is not meant to be dull. Dare to explore more adventurous and intricately crafted pieces or incorporate lace to add a touch of texture to your ensemble.

Woman wearing pair of thigh highs and a garter belt at a boudoir photoshoot with Feel Beautiful Photography in Chicago

Accessories Like any fabulous ensemble, your lingerie deserves the perfect accessories. The beauty of these add-ons? They don't have to be expensive! Think about adding a pair of thigh highs and a garter belt (easily found for $10-$15 on Amazon) and watch your look soar to the new heights. A string of pearls or a pearl bracelet? We have several available at the studio. A feather boa? We have red and black. A wide brimmed hat for some anonymous shots? Sure, why not!

*Expert Tip: When searching for the ideal lingerie, steer clear of g-strings. They rarely look good on any body type. Same goes for babydolls - the idea to cover up a bit more might be appealing, but the way the fabric falls rarely is.

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