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Add-on Sets

These sets are available as add-ons to regular boudoir photo sessions and have to be paid for in advanced. You can choose one or more to be added to your experience. 

Shower Set.jpg

Shower Set 

Shower Set add on lets clients achieve unique voyeuristic images. It is always your choice to wear lingerie for this set or not and how much or how little you want to show.  

Flower Bath

Our Flower and Milk Bath add ons are favorite for clients that are booking a Maternity Boudoir Session! Each session is unique and allows for your romantic side to come out! 

NOTE: Due to water restrictions at our building, we can take only two Flower Bath clients a month. Please keep this in mind and if you are interested in choosing this add on, do so early.

Flower Bath.jpg

After Dark

Let your wild side out! Leather cuffs, crops, leashes, masks - all of these are part of our After Dark add on set. And we have a swing too! 

Red Set

The Red Set add on gives our clients a feel of being on a cabaret stage. Unleash a performance Diva - the stage is yours! 

Red Set.jpg


Our Bodyscape add on is favorite with clients looking to create anonymous wall art. Large metal prints are perfect to showcase your gorgeous body without giving too much away. 

Neon Lights

Add some color drama to your shots! We have portable lights we move around for all of the sets to bring the drama to you! It is very popular with our clients because of the diversity it brings to each image.



Our Clouds add on is very popular with our more romantic clients. You will be literally floating in the sky! 


We are offering a unique opportunity to explore the secret world of Shibari! Our expert rope bondage rigger will discuss your limits and your desires for the shoot. Nudity is optional and wardrobe is entirely up to you. We work with both male and female riggers; clients can choose who they are more comfortable working with.  

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