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Couples Boudoir Sessions – what they are and what they aren’t

Updated: Apr 20

Couples boudoir photo session at Feel Beautiful Photography studio in Chicago, Illinois

There are a lot of misconceptions and uneasiness around the whole concept of couple boudoir. The society in general is just starting to accept the idea of women daring to be beautiful, glamorous, and yes sexy! in pictures, but a couple? Interacting? In bed?! For many it is a big red flag, but let’s look at what is actually going on during these photo sessions.

Who are couple boudoir sessions for?

They really are for any romantically involved couple! Maybe you want to celebrate a new beginning – a new relationship, the birth of your first child, or maybe your youngest child just left for college and you are celebrating the newfound freedom, these are all valid reasons to schedule a shoot. You are starting a new journey and we would love to help you capture the excitement of the moment. Or maybe you want to celebrate a milestone: an anniversary, a birthday, even a job promotion. It is also a great way to spend time together and create a romantic memory. How often do you and your partner get to just hang out, in bed, in your underwear (or without it)? Give in to the moment and relish the opportunity to cozy up with your favorite person in the world. Bask in each other’s love, feel sexy, and let loose.

Where do these photo sessions happen?

I have a studio in Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago, but if you are more comfortable in a downtown hotel we can shoot there too. I am also available for travel session if you want to do a session in Vegas, or NY, or any other part of the country.

What happens during a couple session?

First, when you come in, you spend about an hour with a hair and makeup artist. If both partners need makeup, I usually invite one person to do makeup and another one to help with

Couples boudoir photo session at Feel Beautiful Photography studio in Chicago, Illinois

hair, so that they can work with different people at the same time. Then we take a look at the outfits that you bring in and decide in which order we want to use them, which one will go better with which set in the studio. And then we start to shoot. I don’t really tell my couples what to do, I only guide them to different parts of the studio, get them into some general pose (facing each other, one is sitting, another one is standing behind, etc.) and then let them interact as they normally would. My goal is to capture the quinine connection, and this can never happen with carefully sculptured posing.

How far can we go? What if the male partner gets a hard-on?

It is entirely up to you! We talk about it in the presession consultation, and it is up to you to tell me how far you want to go. It can be as timid as an engagement shoot, OK, not quite as people usually wear a bit more clothes during those, but you get the idea.

Erotic Couples boudoir photo session at Feel Beautiful Photography studio in Chicago, Illinois

Or it can get really steamy and into the realm of erotica.

As for the hard-on… I must be doing something very wrong if he is so uncomfortable that he is NOT getting it on!

Do you shoot anybody?

Most posts like this will say here that they will work with any couple, no matter what the gender and sexual orientation of the partners is. And this is true for me too, but still the answer to the question is no. I will not work with any couple unless I am 100% sure that BOTH partners are enthusiastic about doing it. Before booking, all couples are required to have an in-person or zoom consultation where they both have to be present. If I sense even the slightest uneasiness in one of the partners and have a reason to suspect that he or she was somehow coerced into doing this, I will not take that couple as a client. Also, I will not shoot anybody underage. And I do card!

What do we wear for a couple boudoir photo shoot?

We talk about it in the pre-booking consultation, and you get to decide the general vibe. Are you coming home after a night at the opera? Or did you just spend the day at a baseball game? Is Calvin Klein more of your style or you prefer lace and stockings? After the booking I will also send you a styling guide that will walk you through different options. If you want to use the photoshoot as an excuse to get a few new nice lingerie items - go for it. But if you want to do it wearing black panties and your boyfriend’s button down short, it will work too!

What about the privacy? What happens with the images after the shoot?

Don’t worry, your images will NEVER be shared with anybody unless both of you sign a model release that gives me an explicit permission to post them in my portfolio.

Do you shoot porn?

This really depends on the definitions. I shoot people getting intimate with each other. If these people choose to post these pictures on Pornhub, they will be considered porn. If they choose to keep them for private enjoyment, they will be called erotica. And if they choose to release the images and I submit them for a competition or an exhibit, they will be called fine art. The image can be same, but the use dictates the category the image falls into.

Erotic Couples boudoir photo session at Feel Beautiful Photography studio in Chicago, Illinois

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